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PC internal speaker's corner

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Good games that support good music for the PC internal speaker

As you already probably know, having decent sound is really changing the gaming experience. So for the sound card impaired PC (and their owners), here is a small list of good games.
So far I understand it for now, most of those games were in fact using tracker music/sounds.
I hope to give a few different games for each type (action, arcade, puzzle, RPG, adventure, board game, strategy game, sport game, ...).
Chances are the games can be found at the Home of the Underdogs. Thanks be to the Webmaster of this site.
I would welcome any relevant game suggestions.
All the following games will run under DOS only. They will not work from a Win9x DOS box.


- 21st Century Entertainment / Digital Illusions Pinball series
Game title : Pinball Illusion, Pinball Fantasy, Pinball Mania, Pinball Dreams. Pinball Illusion is how I had my first gaming experience with good sound.

Side-scrolling shooter

- Webfoot technologies / Twilight Zone
Game title : Interpose. This is another good gaming experience with nice sounds and music.



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